Plasma Cut American Flag Steel Sign

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29" x 19"

What could be better than the good old red white and blue? Oh, I don't know…HOW ABOUT A PLASMA CUT STEEL AMERICAN FLAG. Being invaded? Pull this thing off the wall and start throwing like Odd Job. A custom design, unifying the undying image of American freedom and plasma cut steel, this one of a kind sign will blow you away like a Patriot Missile taking out a SCUD. First, we get the flag. WE GET IT. Next, you plasma cut the steel blank. Like Prometheus stealing from the gods, we wield the flame of the heavens and slice through steel like warm butter on the sidewalk in Harlem during the July heatwave of 1986. After all that, we powder coat the whole thing. All by ourselves. Then we christen the blank with the emblem of all that is good and right in this world. Made in America…did we mention that?