Personalized Man Cave Coasters (Set of 4)

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Carve your place in the history of great men by having your name engraved in stone!* Except it's printed, not engraved, and it's laminated corkboard, not stone, but you get the point! This set of four Personalized Man Cave Coasters will up the man factor in any den, garage, or living room by a full order of magnitude. Trust us, we've done the math. These high quality beverage coasters not only protect your valuable furniture and help you remember where you set your beer, they also stand as a proclamation; a message to the world, stating that you are a man who is not afraid to embrace good housekeeping practices. Each set of four drink coasters includes a wooden storage and display stand, making the Personalized Man Cave Coasters a great gift set idea for the son, brother, father, or grandpa in your life!

*The coasters are not stone, and the personalization is not engraved. The coasters are laminated corkboard with a printed glossy design. Just as cool!


  • Personalize with up to 12 characters.
  • Set of four Personalized Man Cave drink coasters.
  • Laminated corkboard with sublimated full color artwork.
  • Wooden storage and display stand holds four beverage coasters.