Personalized Forest Trail Ski Metal Sign

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This classic ski poster reminds us of a bygone era; an era when women were dames, men were chaps, and horses were tied to sleighs and beaten within an inch of their little horsey lives. "Go Horsey!" Now, you can own a piece of history and retroactively make a difference by inserting yourself in the past through the miracle of personalization. Someone will come to your house, look at this custom sign, and ask, "Wow! Does Canada really exist?" And you'll say, "It does now," as you wink at the camera knowingly. The vintage artwork on this pleasantly retro personalized sign is sublimated on a piece of metal that has been outfitted with four holes to ease the hanging process. Make this ski sign your own when you personalize this gorgeous vintage landscape with 2 whole lines of up to 14 characters each. The possibilities are literally limitless*.

*The possibilities are actually limited to 2 lines of 14 characters each.


  • Measures: 11"W x 17"H
  • Vintage art sublimated on 20 gauge metal
  • Personalize with up to 14 characters on each line