Personalized Historical Portrait Howe

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Now you too can be the inventor of the sewing machine like Elias Howe! Well actually you can provide any text you like for your Personalized Historical Portrait, but being the inventor of the sewing machine is pretty cool right? Simply submit a pic for our Your Face Here sign and you’ll be the envy of just about the whole darn world! This customizable metal sign isn’t merely limited to your ridiculous self-indulgent fantasies and delusions of grandeur…it makes the perfect one-of-a-kind unique gift that you’ve been looking for! How impressed will your wife be when you transpose her face onto this clearly filthy 19th century hooligan’s body? We’ll tell you: Super Impressed! Sublimated on 20 gauge metal for a more authentic look and feel. And please read the picture upload instructions below!


  • Please upload a high resolution .jpeg image
  • Please make sure the image is well lit
  • For best results, please note the angle and position of the face in the original image and try to replicate that as closely as possible
  • Some stretching or distortion of your uploaded image may occur


  • Submit Your Picture
  • Your Face Here
  • Measures: 11” x 17”
  • Four Pre-Drilled Holes For Easy Hanging
  • Please Refer To Picture Upload Instructions
  • Sublimated design on 20 gauge metal