Personalized iPhone 4 Case - Annoying Hipster

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Upload your awkwardly angled, poorly lit, artificially aged, Instagram photo and we’ll print it on your custom iPhone case with documentation proving that you bought one before everybody else did! This thing is cheap too, so you can just throw it away (or recycle it if you are of the self-righteous green hipster variety) when it’s not cool anymore…which will be about the time you receive it! Just remember to upload a high resolution photo and keep in mind the shape and orientation of the phone! Stand out in the sea of smartphones! The Personalized iPhone 4 case is the smart phone choice for you. Designed to fit the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, our Personalized iPhone case is the best way to personalized your phone for fun and security! Our unique printable case fits snugly on your iPhone and protects it with a hard plastic shell that still provides easy access to buttons and ports.


  • Cutouts for easy access to ports and buttons
  • Designed for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Lightweight and low profile
  • One-piece molded plastic case with printable surface
  • Protects phone and enhances security through personalization