Personalized Obama Style Campaign Sign

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Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of political propaganda in recent history, the Obama 'Hope' poster seemed to win the 2008 Presidential Election by itself. Whether you are the most diehard Obama supporter, or the number one member of your local Tea Party chapter, you can find the possible humor in making your own Obama style sign! Simply send us a nice head shot, the bigger the better, of you looking off in the distance, or looking crazy, or maybe a picture of your pet, or just about anything you want, and give us a nice single word, and we'll Obama-ize it! Pictures with some contrast work best for the simple tonality of the design, and the results from our in-house Obama-izer staff depend entirely on the material supplied. Take a look at our examples to see how some pictures work better than other.


  • Please submit a high-resolution picture. Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels
  • Please submit a head shot (head and shoulders) if submitting a portrait
  • Our artists will interpret what they think looks best, results may vary
  • Sign measures 11"W x 17"H
  • Four pre-drilled holes for easy hanging
  • Sublimated art on high quality metal